MNEMOSCOPIO is a project by artist Emilio Vavarella, curated and produced by Ramdom with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the “Per Chi Crea – New Works” program for the creation and production of new artworks.

MNEMOSCOPIO consists of a site-specific public art installation for the territory of the Cape of Leuca. It is composed of an experimental XR (Cross Reality) headset through which the physical reality of the installation site overlaps with a navigable 3D virtual map of memories. The map was generated by extracting data from a series of interviews with local residents who had moved abroad but ultimately decided to settle in the Cape of Leuca territory.

MNEMOSCOPIO offers the possibility of virtually traveling through a landscape of ephemeral memories, and continues Vavarella’s research on the relationship between memory and technology. This work expands a body of works that includes MNEMOGRAFO (on the resurfacing of memories on the Web); MEMORYSCAPES (on the cartographic potential of the collective memories of Italian immigrants in New York); THE SICILIAN FAMILY (on the distortion and mediation of family memories); and MNEMODRONE (on the relationship between memory and artificial intelligence).