Artist Emilio Vavarella in residency in Gagliano del Capo (Le) to develop the project “Mnemoscope” | Ramdom’s report

Emilio Vavarella is currently in residence at the cultural association Ramdom for the realization of the project “Mnemoscope”.

The current phase foresees the conclusion of the interviews with the inhabitants of Gagliano del Capo, protagonists of the final work, who are sharing with the artist their memories about their past life abroad.

At the same time Vavarella is carrying out territorial explorations and recordings to identify suitable places where to install the work of art that will be presented and inaugurated in July.

It is planned the realization of several viewers that will be made available to the public once the work is inaugurated. The viewers will report the memories of the interviewees in the form of audio and, thanks to the development of a video software, digital images of the places told by the witnesses will be superimposed on the local landscape.

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